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Who is RydeCulture and Why do We Exist?

 There are many awesome motorcycle and automotive aftermarket parts companies out there, and there are also many out there that are just really crappy. RydeCulture is a company that is over 10 years on the making and had transitioned several time to find a niche that actually served a purpose. Building a successful business from scratch is no small task. Being a military owned business, we've been resilient through the ups and downs to finally bring forward something worthwhile. 

RydeCulture is now filled with motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts bringing years of knowledge, expertise, and passion from within the industry, supporting industries, and brand partners. The goal is to create an online ecommerce site where customers are able to trust the quality, fitment, functionality, and customer service for the products they spend their hard earned money on.  We don't want to be another ecommerce site that just slings parts. We want to build a community and culture around the products we sell and the brands we associate ourselves with. 

A large majority of our success is from our partnership with Ciro. With their help, mentorship, and proven processes, we are able to design, engineer, and provide outstanding product quality and affordability. Ciro also has a generational line of producing aftermarket parts. They are also able to share their relationships and industry knowledge to keep our efforts streamlined. Ciro also aligns with our brand ethics of providing premium products at an affordable price with great customers service. 

We're starting small and slow to make sure that we're learning and designing the right products for the needs of our customers, brands, and attention to details. At RydeCulture, we design for a purpose. We're building this business from the ground up. Here's a couple guarantees:

  1.  There will be some growing pains as we figure out the right mixture of technology and implementing them. Everything runs on technology these days.
  2. We're definitely looking to grow, so we'll be trying to find the right individuals with the right talents to join our team.
  3. We're are looking to partner with brands and artisans with the same values as our company. 

Here are some introductions to the people behind RydeCulture. 

  George Bryant is a successful business owner and is a master of business analytics. He is a partner at a successful data analytics firm in the Twin Cities. George brings his business acumen, data organizational skills, and data processing skill to ensure the business is making sound decisions and tracking the necessary vital signs of the business. George has consulted for major corporations like Polaris Industries and other large powersports companies. 

Myke Sampayo is a veteran of the United States Army, avid motorsports enthusiast, and has worked with brands like Polaris, Slingshot, RZR, and Indian Motorcycles. He's developed technical curriculum for several different industries and founded RydeCulture. Myke also owns several successful business and continues to serve in the Army Reserves. 


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